Milli Moonstone

Musical Medicine for the Soul

When song and spirit embrace in the flow of effortless grace, they give the heart the space for our dreams to take place.  Channeling the radiant voice of her spirit, Milli Moonstone delights in sharing her passionate love of music as a path for healing, inspiration, and transformation. 


With uplifting songs, timeless mantras and improvised sonic journeys, Milli creates a space for people to experience  a direct connection to the source. By giving and receiving the wonder of life, her music serves as an open invitation for a direct encounter with the beauty, the heartache, the wisdom, and the mystery of one's own being.


As a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Milli Moonstone has toured throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East, India and the Americas with her unique brand of spiritually-inspired folk music. 


As a facilitator of singing workshops and ecstatic dance journeys, she provides fertile ground for people to actively connect to their own divinity, inviting us to sing our souls high and dance our bodies to freedom.


The rich melting pot of her creativity is flavoured by her own inward search for truth, as well as a lifelong study into many musical forms, including Western and Eastern classical music, traditional music from many countries around the world and medicine music from various cultures.


She released her debut album "Lose Myself" in 2009, songs of which have been featured in Bollywood. 


Milli has recently begun working on her second album “Shining Through”.



by Mark Waking Light